Dear participants,

A wise man (herman finkers, a famous Almeloer )once said:

„Het ene stoplicht springt op rood, het andere op groen. In Almelo

is altijd wat te doen.” (local dialect)

He was right! On the 8 th of September 2018 there is something to do in Almelo.

As you are all aware, this will be the

5 th anniversary edition of the CET.

Every now and then we get questions on what we have planned for this event. Of course, we do not want to spoil it all as we have still many

things to finalize. However, we can give you some glimpses of what is about to come.

What about a gigantic opening scene with lots of music and maybe a

well-known figure from the “US of A”! Make sure you are on time! This is

going to be huge.

There will be a dedicate corner for the smallest cachers among us where

they can tinker and take part in other fun activities.

Also, there will be a large market for all your geocaching needs. Several

shops have already committed coming to our event.

There is also the possibility to trade your woodies. There will be a room

assigned to this: “Niet huul’n, hier kuj hoalties ruul’n”. Don’t forget to

bring your collection so you don’t miss out on that one special wooden

coin you have been looking for.

Furthermore, there will be a specially designed event coin released.

And of course, many new caches. Some of these will be made available

online before the event and some will be published on the day itself. All

our caches will be in line with the events’ theme.

We are bound to discuss anything related to the live entertainment. No

spoilers here…. ��

There will also a lot of attention to the main theme of this event: “Twente

and the glorious past in textile”. We are after all-in the former textile


One thing is for sure, it will be a very fun and full program. Make sure

you regularly visit our website or stay informed through

our Facebook page.

Keep cool, calm and collected and we will see you



Your organization team,