Louis(left) and rayan(right) are the true founders of the cet events. In 2014 they organized the first cet event together with team*dandy (rip).

It was an immediate success. We don't like standard so we made up crazier things. The following year help had to come, because two people cannot do this alone.

Marco joined in and threw himself into making caches. We noticed that year that even the three of us didn't succeed. Margriet and Karin also strengthened the team.

We have experienced the craziest things. The big highlight is the MEGA event in 2018.

We will do this again in 2023. Then in the Punt in Vroomshoop.

The very last… this is the end……

TeamCET has been strengthened this year with Dirk, Miriam, Rob and Ria

Another blast in the canal village of Vroomshoop!

Marco  joined 20155

Margriet  joined 2016

Karin joined in 2016

Dirk joined in 2022

miriam joined in 2022

Rob joined in 2022

last but not least, Ria joined in 2022